• Creation of the environment necessary for the implementation of research interests in accordance with the requirements of a knowledge-based civil society;
  • Promoting quality education through methodological support of research infrastructure and applied research;


  • Promoting the implementation of doctoral programs and ensuring the wide participation of doctoral students in scientific research;
  • Assistance in introducing technologies developed by research institutes into production;
  • Administration of fundamental, applied scientific-research, consulting and expertizing activities ordered by of government or private sector;
  • Proposal of applied research for doctoral students at different higher education institutions;
  • Development of international scientific cooperation;
  • Methodological assistance to doctoral students in preparing publications in international Journals
  • Supporting doctoral students in the preparation of research-grant projects


Non- entrepreneurial (non-profit) Legal Entity – N(N)LE. The center was founded according to the order of the rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University No. 136 / 01-01 of 06/08/2018.

The Center was registered in National Agency of Public Registry of Ministry of Justice, Georgia. ID code: 405276080.