Research Topics

 interdisciplinary research  Topics (2020-2021)

Chemistry-Biology; Physics-Mathematics:

  1. Synthesis and research of coordination compounds containing mixed ligand biometals
  2. Synthesis and study of coordination compounds with monoligands containing different
  3. Investigation of unique radiation properties of indium arsenide and indium arsenide-indium phosphide solid solutions
  4. Wood composite materials
  5. Creation and study of the properties of zeolite bactericidal sorbents
  6. Adsorbents obtained from cellulose-containing wastes for water purification
  7. Comparative chemical analysis of raw materials containing anthracene derivatives taken from different regions of Georgia
  8. Investigation of the possibilities of using biobenzene obtained from corn waste as motor fuel
  9. Biodiesel production technologies and their implementation
  10. Determining the timing of wheat sowing for the Samtskhe-Javakheti region
  11. Biodiversity, biological properties, chemical composition and uses of the Origanum plant – medicinal-aromatic-spice
  12. Obtaining carbon materials from recycled household waste and using them to make galvanic composite coatings and conducting polymers
  13. Obtaining and testing of filter material modified with manganese dioxide for water purification.
  14. Selection of modified sorbents for surface water purification from heavy metals: chromium, zinc, lead and cadmium
  15. 15. Study of sorption properties of nickel, iron and copper allosilicate composites under dynamic and static conditions
  16. Study of adsorption properties of natural and synthetic zeolites with respect to As(III), As (V), Sb (III), Sb (V) compounds
  17. Study of the mineral composition and spatial distribution patterns of metals in non-ferrous quartz of Bolnisi ore region
  18. Morphobiological and genetic characteristics of bacteriophages against multi-resistant strains of streptococci
  19. The role of bacteriophages in the formation of the human upper respiratory tract microbiota
  20. Development of technology for obtaining sucking tablets containing bacteriophage and determination of its biological activity
  21. Investigation of the effect of boron-containing dopants on the properties of bismuth-based high-temperature superconductors
  22. Development of some cosmetics based on natural resources of Georgia
  23. Influence of volcanic processes on abiotic and biotic components of ecosystems, on the example of the volcanic area of southern Georgia
  24. Synthesis, structure and properties of antiprotozoal preparations of 3d-metal biocomplex compounds
  25. Study of aromatic and pectin compounds of grapes and products of grape origin


  1. Decomposition of flower pollen by fermentation and enrichment of the sweetness of honey – in the field of fermentation by biologically active substances in it – to control the formation of aromatic components
  2. Obtaining and study of liquid crystal and polymer structures doped with gold and silver nanoparticles
  3. Solid polymer-electrolyte membranes
  4. Nonlocal problems for equations of mathematical physics
  5. Synthesis of new five-nucleated heterocyclic compounds
  6. The current state and prospects of the use of abundant source resources related to young lavas
  7. Study of the hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts widespread in Georgia and the development of an optimal filtration technology for oils obtained by the cold-pressed method
  8. Purification of natural and waste water using a filter containing a hybrid multicomponent nanocomposite
  9. Isolation of growth inhibitory factor from human prostate cells and development of a new approach to their retention with gold nanoparticles
  10. Electrically conductive organic silicon membranes
  11. Development of technological processes to solve a number of environmental problems caused by manganese waste
  12. Medical modalities based on liquid crystal complexes dispersed with magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermic, photochemical and radioactive localized therapy of cancer cells
  13. Influence of chemical composition and structure of nanocomposites on the properties of a hybrid catalyst
  14. Agrammatism in various forms of aphasia
  15. Semi-tagged priority row models with input bifurcation for analyzing the reliability and efficiency of complex systems
  16. Approximation of integrals of the Cauchy kernel and their use in the numerical solution of problems on cracks
  17. Creating mathematical models for numerical solutions of some construction problems using the method of Singular integral equations

43 Development of new high-efficiency synergistic insecticidal combinations and testing of biological efficacy


Effective management systems:

  1. Sustainable Urban Transport Management Strategy on the Example of Tbilisi City Hall
  2. State Management of Innovative Activities in Georgia
  3. Ethnopolitical Security in Georgia – Transformation and Management
  4. Problems of remote justice in Georgia
  5. 48. Rules for issuing building permits and exercising public supervision in the municipality of Tbilisi (problems and solutions)
  6. Bipolarity of governance and ways to overcome it in Abkhazia
  7. The issue of intangible cultural heritage management (Prospects for Japan-Georgia relations)
  8. Strategic plan and perspectives for the development of the municipality in Georgia (on the example of Terjola)